Migrating Projects to TFS 2010

I am so disappointed with TFS 2010. Ok, the new functions are really cool but NO tooling for migrating existing projects. Microsoft – what were you thinking? I suppose that it would be a little task for a TFS engineer to create a migration tool. Now we have to fiddle with it.

Here is the deal: You created a project on TFS 2008 with let’s say the Agile 4.2 template, then you migrate your server to TFS 2010 and you will notice that the migrated project still use the Agile 4.2 process template and SharePoint site, more or less. There is no automated way to migrate to the Agile 5.0 process template. You will find a couple of blogs describing how to upgrade certain parts for the TFS 2010 beta version. Which is good for inspiration but does not fully work on our TFS 2010 RTM. The best source I could find so far is the Visual Studio 2010 upgrade project on codeplex.

I will update this post along with going through the painful process of manually upgrade my Agile 4.2 project. I just wish that I had waited a little longer and created the project from scratch with the new Agile 5.0 process template on TFS 2010.

Here are my upgrade steps:

  1. Download the Agile 5.0 process template
    Right-click the root node in team explorer/process template/choose Agile 5.0 and select download (you must be TFS project collection administrator to do so)
  2. Manually upload the six work item templates (*.wit) files to my team project with TFS powertools, you can also use witadmin.exe for that purpose
    You might have noticed that some of the work item template have the same name as the old ones such as Bug or Task. These have undergone a major face lift and it would be a shame not to upgrade those. Especially support for link management to parent and child elements as well as an estimate field (Task template) are very nice. But be aware that you will loose all information that was stored in custom fields you added to the old work item template. In that case you should export the current values to an Excel spreadsheet so that you can copy it back into TFS after you updated the work item template.
  3. Iteration planning workbook
    I simply followed the description from the codeplex document and it fully work. The iteration planning workbook is a great help to create user stories and/or spread these over iterations.
  4. Product planning workbook
    The description from the codeplex document worked partially. The most interesting feature of this workbook where you can see the distribution of products does not work for me. I get a meaningless error when choosing the tab.
  5. Test management
    If you want to create test suites and test cases you must use the new Test Management tool that comes with TFS 2010. For the tool to work you must upload the new categories and link types to TFS using the witadmin tool. You can find a detailed walk-through in blog post that is referred to in the codeplex upgrade project mentioned above.

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  1. For Product planning workbook, I got rid the error by adding the State column to the query. Hope this helps.

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