Migrate Microsoft Project Central 2000

I am currently working on a migrating and older version of Microsoft Project server, Project Central 2000. The goal is to extract all the task with their assigned resources from the database. The data model seemed a bit confusing for me at first glance. I found this article really helpful although it does not list all the relevant tables in my case.

I want to get this information from the Project Central database:

  • Project name
  • Task name
  • Completed Percentage
  • Resource name
  • Start date
  • Finish date
  • Is milestone

Joining these tables where proj_id is part of the join condition does the trick:

  • msp_projects
  • msp_tasks
  • msp_assignments
  • msp_resources

So, to obtain the task and resource name the following SQL can be used:

SELECT t.task_name, r.res_name
FROM msp_tasks t
INNER JOIN msp_assignments a on a.task_uid = t.task_uid and a.proj_id = t.proj_id
INNER JOIN msp_resources r on r.res_uid = a.res_uid and r.proj_id = a.proj_id

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