Setup Squeezebox Duet and Synology NAS

My setup consists of a Logitech Squeezebox Duet and a Synology DS-109+ NAS. The Synology NAS runs the Squeezebox Server software so that I do not need a running PC to play music. I struggled a little bit with reconfiguring the Squeezebox so I thought it might be useful to create a post on that. Here are the steps to setup the Squeezebox, get the NAS ready and prepare the music files.

  1. Download cover art for your music.
    Cover art are pictures of album front covers that are stored in the folder together with the music files of the album. A good free tool to help you with downloading and saving the cover art images is the Album Art Downloader on sourceforge. Still, you will need some patience because you have to pick an image for each album you have in your collection.
  2. Download and install the latest firmware version for the NAS from Synology’s website. Choose the correct NAS version in dropdown box in the top of the download page. To install Squeezebox Server you need at least DSM2.2-0958. I am currently running with DSM3.0-1337.
    Locate the DSM Update/Firmware function on the web interface of the Synology disk station and follow the instructions.
  3. Download and install the Squeezebox Server latest version from Synology’s website. Again make sure to choose the correct NAS version.
    From the dropdown in the upper left corner (DSM3.0) on the Synology web interface choose Package Management and follow the instructions. When the installation is completed you have to start the service and note the HTTP address of it. Via this address you can configure the Squeezebox Server.
  4. Power-up the Squeezebox base station. Make sure that the center button on the base station is flashing red.
  5. Configure the Squeezebox controller
    If it is the first time you are using the controller simply follow the wizard on the controller. If it has been used with another Squeezebox account or on another network earlier you have to reset the controller: Go to Settings / Advanced / Restore Factory Settings. Than follow the wizard as the controller restarts. If you want to use the controller for music playback: Go to Settings / Advanced / Beta Features / Audio Playback and activate Enable Playback. You can than use either the built-in loudspeaker or connect headphones via the 3.5 mm jack stick to the controller. To make this feature work properly you have to restart the controller.
  6. Configure the Squeezebox Server.
    Enter the address such as from step 3 in a browser and follow the instructions to select the music as well as playlist folder on the NAS drive. To fine-tune the Squeezebox Server click on the Settings link in the lower right corner. On the Basic Settings tab you want to run a rescan so that all music on the NAS folder you pointed to is added to the Squeezebox music library. Check the other tabs for more options in case you want to change something. Than go to the Plugins tab and follow the Settings link for the Rescan Music Library plug-in. Set the plug-in to Enabled and set the time of day when you want to run a rescan of your music library. If you do not activate this then newly added music will not be accessible through the Squeezebox. With the plug-in enabled it will update the Squeezebox music library on a daily basis hence new music will show up on the Squeezebox once the next rescan has run. 

Now that I have been running SqueezeCenter (aka Squeezebox Server) for a while a came across the following problems and solutions:

  • Problem: Without doing anything special Squeezebox Server 7.5.3 simply stops running and cannot be started again. When being started again it stops after about one or two seconds. The log only contains one entry that the Squeezebox Server is starting up.
    Solution: Logon to the NAS with a Putty terminal as root, go to /var/packages/Squeezecenter/target/Logs and change the access rights to the server.log file with the command ‘chmod 646 server.log’
  • Problem: After upgrading to a newer version of Squeezebox Server (e.g. from 7.5.0 to 7.5.3) it cannot start. It starts up, runs for about five seconds and then shuts down again. The log file says ‘Couldn’t connect to database’.
    Solution: Logon to the NAS with a Putty terminal and go to /var/packages/Squeezecenter/Cache and remove its’ contents. In case you should delete the whole Cache folder you have to recreate it and give appropriate access rights with chmod 646. Than restart the NAS.

2 thoughts on “Setup Squeezebox Duet and Synology NAS

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the tip to reset the player to factory settings. Believe it or not I had tried EVERYTHING messing with firewalls, replacing a router, just everything. Never even dawned on me to simply reset the squeezebox radio to factory settings. I’m now up and running with an upgraded router. 🙂

    Thanks so much! Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for such a great blog. I’ve got a new DS411j and installed SSOD on it. However, so far I am not able to direct the server to “look at” and scan the music I copied over from external HD. What should I put under the “Music Folder” headline?

    OK I got it. I put /volume1/blah and the server started scanning. This is 1st time ever since yeaster day when the DS411j arrived and I have been struggling with my very first NAS experience ever. Will keep you posted.


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